Ardbeg Uigeadail

13 Jul

Whisky Details

Country: Scotland
Region: Islay
Distillery: Ardbeg
Bottler: Distillery
Years Matured: No age statement
Style: Single Malt
Alcohol:  54.2%
Price: $$

Tasting Notes

Appearance: tawny
Nose: peaty, pulled pork, BBQ, hint of sherry, lemon & lime peels
Body: firm
Palate: sweet, fiery like a brick oven, more lime and smoke
Finish: long and powerful, heavy peat and smoked coffee grounds

Flavor Profile


Final Thoughts

What a malt!  This fiery reminder of Islay is packed with traditional Ardbeg house flavor and augmented with rich sherry and fruit notes. 

First on the nose is delicious peat smoked meat and tangy BBQ sauce.  With the addition of a little water fruit just wells up from your glass.  Not to be outdone however, the sherry casks chime in with sweet raisin, lemon, and lime fumes almost as in defiance to the heat of the isles.  The malt is firm and unforgiving on the palate, providing a moment of generous complexity before giving you a sharp reminder of the rich, spicy, and alcoholic cask it was birthed from.  The finish is long and powerful, warming you from the inside out.  A comforting and dang good dram to be sure!

Grade: A- (93)

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