The Glenlivit 12yr

04 Jul

Whisky Details

Country: Scotland
Region: Highland
Distillery: The Glenlivet
Bottler: The Glenlivet
Years Matured: 12
Style: Single Malt
Alcohol:  43.0%
Price: $

Tasting Notes

Appearance: deep copper
Nose: fresh fruit, pears, apples, slight vanilla
Body: crisp, light
Palate: sweet, cookies, citrus, flowery
Finish:  oak, malty, vanilla, drying, clean

Flavor Profile

Final Thoughts

When most Americans think of single malt scotch it’s likely this particular malting is the first one to come to mind.  As in most bars around the world, The Glenlivet is an extremely common whisky in the U.S., especially this 12 year old expression.  This malt is the cheapest, youngest, and most advertised spirit in The Glenlivet’s portfolio and as such is often thought of as a lower quality single malt, but this is certainly not the case.  In addition to winning a silver medal at the 2009 World Spirits Competition this whisky is well respected among connoisseurs and bar patrons around the world.

The Glenlivet house style is attributed to the large volume but small necked copper lantern pot stills.  The large stills allow The Glenlivet to keep up with high worldwide demand while the stills narrow neckscool the distilled vapor quickly creating a light, fruity house flavor.  This is readily apparent in the nose and body of this bottling.  Fresh fruit, pears, and a hint of vanilla are all present and in good balance.  The mouthfeel is as light and as crisp as the freshly picked apples you swear they tossed in the pot still alongside the wort.  The palate is not overly sweet and has great cookie-like  notes reminiscent of malted barely.  The finish is clean and matches the nose and palate very well, a very predictable but balanced bottling for sure.

Grade: 86 (B)


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