The Naked Grouse

04 Oct

theNakedGrouseWhisky Details

Country: Scotland
Region: Highland/Speyside Blend
Distillery: Highland Distilleries
Bottler: Highland Distilleries
Years Matured: Varies
Style: Blend
Alcohol:  40.0%
Price: $

Tasting Notes

Appearance: polished mahogany
Nose: smooth, mouth coating
Body: sherried, buttery, vanilla cream, apricots
Palate: more sherry and vanilla, sponge cake
Finish: medium length, woody, bitter chocolate, a hint of peat

Flavor Profile


Final Thoughts

This new offering from the Edrington Group  is truly something special.  Highland distilleries has brilliantly leveraged their widely recognized portfolio of single malt Scotch heavyweights to blend a malt of epic proportions.  What began as Scotland’s most popular whisky (Famous Grouse) has been augmented with the delicate sweetness of The Macallan and floral peat of Highland Park to charm palates of whisky drinkers in the Twin Cities area.

First on the nose are refreshing sherry notes from the extended aging in Spanish oak sherry casks.  The Macallan influence is clearly represented here with wisps of vanilla and dried apricots.  Balancing out the sweetness is a distinct savory/buttery note that hints to the gorgeous rounded body.

Once on the palate this whisky does not let down.  The vanilla is more present here and reminds me of freshly baked sponge cake.  Finally, the finish tapers off beautifully and represents the nose and palate very well.  The well rounded nature of this malt is a real tribute to the blenders skill.  The sweet, winey flavor makes me want to save this one for socializing or for a relaxing after dinner treat.  However, it’s just too drinkable to stay around for that long…

At this time the Naked Grose is only available in limited quantities in the Twin Cities areas.  However, if all goes well (and I immagine it will) you should see the Naked Grouse rustling around the scotch section of your local stores in no time.

Grade: A- (90)


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  1. Shawn

    10/07/2009 at 5:31 pm

    I reviewed The Naked Grouse on my blog in the beginning of July. It’s an amazing blended whisky. It’s actually something that I have thought so much about, I might add whisky to my evening muses, instead of merely craft beers.

    Check out my review:


    Co-founder, The Beer Genome Project

  2. Noteman

    10/10/2009 at 1:29 pm

    Thanks for the comment, Shawn! We’re happy that the smooth taste of The Naked Grouse is creating new fans! – The TNG Team

  3. Brian

    07/31/2013 at 11:50 pm

    I was in Edinburgh over the weekend and tasting some scotch I had previously not had. Although not normally a blended fan, the Naked Grouse was recommended to me at the bar and it was fantastic. Excellent color, nose, taste and finish. Very smooth and not with the sweetish taste I sometimes get from blends. A terrific whisky and certainly one that I will be putting into my cabinet.