Talisker 12yr (Distillers Edition)

05 Jul

Whisky Details

Country: Scotland
Region: Skye
Distillery: Talisker
Bottler: Talisker
Years Matured: 12
Style: Single Malt
Alcohol:  45.8%
Price: $$

Tasting Notes

Appearance: tawny
Nose: peat, sea air, pepper, spent sparklers, cooked fruit, oranges
Body: light, slippery
Palate: instantly warm, turning volcanic, earthy, salty, peaty
Finish:  firm, smokey, mossy earth, dark chocolate

Flavor Profile

Final Thoughts

There is only one place in Scotland that could birth a malt like this.  Something so volcanic, varied, and beautiful could only be a product of the Isle of Skye.

As the sole distiller on the island only Talisker gets to benefit from some great geology and ecology.  The water source for the distillery wells up through layers of basalt left from the island’s creation and imparts a variety of minerals giving it a distinct taste.  The water also flows over peat fields just before its journey ends, adding to the overall high phenol count in this malt.  These variables and more give this malt a great varied and powerful nose.  The body is surprisingly light and is a nice contract to similarly peated Islay malts.  The palate is warming with great peat notes and perhaps a hint of fruit.  The finish is long, delicate, and represents the whole profile very well.  Overall an excellent and unique malt.

Grade: A (94)


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