And the winner is…

26 Apr

A couple weeks ago around Easter, the team over at celebrated their second anniversary.  Their hard work over the years has created a website and blog with a wealth of information for beginning whisky drinkers.  I visit the site on a weekly basis and am always pleasantly surprised by the quality of their research and articles.  Definitely one for the favorites list.

That being said, the team was hosting a competition in honor of their anniversary and had asked their readers to submit ideas for a blog article or ongoing series.  The submissions would be judged by the staff at The Whisky Shop in London and the winner would receive a box full of goodies including a bottle of Talisker 10yr and a sample of whisky from their upcoming “Mystery Malt” series.  I quickly posted my desire to see an article on hosting a whisky tasting party for family and friends.  After all, we cant let the oenophiles have all the fun!

To my surprise, I just received word that the judges had unanimously chosen my idea for their new article!  I am very excited to have contributed something to this wonderful website and knowledge base; the prizes dont hurt either!  Once Eyjafjallajokull stops spitting ash across Europe the bottles should find their way to my doorstep and given some time to a review for you to enjoy.

Until then, slainte!

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