Suggested Reading

With the ever increasing volume of whisky related content appearing on the web and in print media it can certainly seem overwhelming for the beginner.  Luckily I have logged some of my favorites below for your enjoyment.  If you are looking to expand your knowledge on the subject, or just want to join a community dedicated to the world of whisky, the following books, blogs, and content will get you going in the right direction!

Books and Magazines

Michael Jackson’s Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch
This book contains Michael’s tasting notes from over 800 different expressions; great for helping you find your next purchase!
A great website with a ton of tasting notes and a very useful listing of specialty whisky retailers.  While your there sign up for their twice monthly free newsletter.  It’s packed full of happenings in the world of malt including new releases, upcoming events, and other great content.
A website from the authors of Whisky Magazine.  They have a fantastic nosing and tasting course which I leveraged for my own efforts here.

Websites and Blogs

Whisky on Wiki
What is whisk(e)y?  How is it made?  What’s the difference between Irish and Scotch whisky?  This wikipedia article contains great basic background information for the curious of heart.
Likely the most comprehensive whisky info site anywhere on the web.  Hundreds of pages contain nearly any topic on whisky you can think of.  They also have a huge collection of tasting notes and ratings from over 20 years of evaluation!  Truly something for everyone here.

Whisky Connosr
This is what happens when a social networking site hits the world of malt.  A great place to share tasting notes and discuss your hobby with other enthusiasts.

Other Links
For those of you not big into reading, this site uses HD video to inform the thirsty masses!  This site features quality content from some big names in the industry.  The team that runs the site deliver content regularly and are ever increasing their scope of work.

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