Tasting Methodology


This article was written with the intent of providing those new to whisky the basics of ‘tasting’ and recording experiences with this great spirit.  I myself am no connoisseur but still find pleasure in the evaluation process and slowly uncovering each layer of a complex malt.  While some might find the following process rigorous, proper evaluation techniques and keeping good records of your sessions will go a long way in expanding your palate and make your next drink all the more meaningful.


Before we jump into the core of the tasting process I want to make a quick note on venue selection. Atmosphere, just as much as taste or smell, can make or break enjoyment of any meal.  I doubt many people would fully enjoy a premium NY Strip while sitting at a baseball game.  For this reason I chose to evaluate my whisky in as ‘clean’ as an environment as is possible.  This means that I will avoid using the fireplace or drinking near the kitchen where straggling aromas might interfere with the subtle notes of a fine dram.  In a similar manner I attempt to avoid other distractions such as the TV or loud music.  On the other hand, if you aren’t aiming to evaluate a malt far be it from me to preach about drinking locales.


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Final Thoughts

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